Deploying the servlet

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After the WAR file is generated using the apollo , it will be outputted to the WEB_APOLLO_DIR/target directory (e.g. target/apollo-1.0.war) This WAR file can be copied into the tomcat7 webapps directory:

cp WEB_APOLLO_DIR/target/apollo-1.x.war TOMCAT_WEBAPPS_DIR/WebApollo.war

We recommend not touching the contents of the WAR file after it has been deployed to the Tomcat server. The configuration and contents of the WAR should be finalized before deployment to avoid data loss during Tomcat Undeploy operations.

Accessing your WebApollo installation

After copying your WAR file to the tomcat webapps directory, the app will be automatically started. Let's test out our installation. Point your browser to


The user name and password from our setup will be web_apollo_admin or whatever was configured earlier.

If we are using the sample data, we will only see one reference sequence (scaffold) to annotate since we're only working with a small example. Click on scf1117875582023 under the Name column to be taken to the genome browser.

If you have any problems after this stage, please see the troubleshooting page.

Now have fun annotating!!!