Developer guide

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In the build guide we discussed briefly how to create a build package. If you are a developer and have a custom setup of WebApollo or JBrowse, then you can use this guide to compile your own release package.

Pre-requisites for developers

You will need the system pre-requisites as well as some some additional dependencies for the javascript compilation (NodeJS).

The easiest way to get NodeJS on ubuntu is nodejs-legacy. On centos, it's easiest to use npm in the epel-release repository.

# install nodejs (debian/ubuntu)
sudo apt-get install git nodejs-legacy
# install nodejs (centOS/redhat)
sudo yum install epel-release
sudo yum install git npm
# install nodejs (macOSX/homebrew)
brew install node

We will also need two extra perl packages to run the build

# Used to make the build process smoother
cpanm DateTime Text::Markdown

Ant based compilation of the client-side code

The current preferred method for building a release is using the apollo script

apollo release

This will automatically call javascript minimization scripts and create a release package of jbrowse in src/main/webapp/jbrowse and the compiled WAR file in target/apollo-1.0.2.war (for example).

If you make changes to the javascript, you will probably need to delete src/main/webapp/jbrowse and recompile the release with "apollo release". Other changes can be simply updated using "apollo deploy" which will update the war file.

Makefile based compilation of the client-side code

As an alternative to the ant/maven workflow, Web Apollo client side code can be compiled using the Makefile which can be used for multiple Web Apollo deployments. Example:

make -f build/Makefile create-precompiled

This step will do the following

  • Clean any old builds
  • Download jbrowse from github
  • Compile and minimize the JBrowse and WebApollo javascript files
  • Output two packages, a release and debug package

Note: you can set your own JBrowse repo using JBROWSE_GIT_DIRECTORY on the command line if you don't want the Makefile to download jbrowse, e.g.:

make -f build/Makefile create-precompiled JBROWSE_GIT_DIRECTORY=/home/devel/jbrowse_repo/

This will use your custom jbrowse repository instead of taking the default action of cloning from

Once the client is compiled, you can use apollo deploy or apollo run to complete the custom build. See the build guide for more details.